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 The Swedish time

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Early maps of Narva
Early maps of Narva refer to the Swedish period. The map of 1634 shows fortifications of Narva and Ivangorod. The colour map of 1645 found in Swedish archives also shows the fortifications of Narva. The buildings and land piece numeration is seen on the map of 1649. On the colour map of 1681 we can see not only fortifications but also the street system of Narva and Ivangorod. The map of the Old Town of 1684 may be particularly interesting - not only the land piece numeration is shown but the street names are shown for the first time, some of which remain till the present time, and the stone wall in front of the modern building at Rjutli st. 6. Romanian numbers stand for: I - Town church, II - writers room, III - Stock Exchange, IV - Stock Exchange garden, V - Town school, VI - Orthodox church, VII - Town market. Narva and Ivangorod are shown separately on the map of Europe at the end of 17 century. Finally we can refer the Old Town map from the book of Sten Karling of 1936 where the old Swedish fortifications are shown on the map of Narva of 1936.

Narva maps of past century.
After Northern war, Narva was included in structure of imperial Russia. On a map of 1900 it is possible to see parts of city and name of streets of that time. On the map is the basic objects in territory of city are separately given. The map of Narva of 1912 is printed in Tallinn and in the Estonian language. The detailed map of Narva of scale 1:10 000 (in 1 cm 100 m) has appeared during the Estonian republic in 1927. This map and the working planshets till 1940 of scale 1:500 (in 1 cm 5 m), which are now stored in the Narva museum, have helped to restore an arrangement of the ground areas in territory of city. Due to this many city dwellers could return to themselves in the property ground areas in own or to receive indemnification. It was possible, for example to establish the house, in which lived the champion of the USSR of chess Paul Keres (Posti st 51a), on a place of a present house in a street Pushkin 19 (Narva newspaper 13.03.97 nr 49). Look planshet 64 in a format GIF, but it is better PDF. A signature stamp “secrety” closed earlier cartographical material. Now by decision of government the mode of privacy from cartographical materials is removed, and you can admire these masterpieces ours landmans and geodesists. Look at a topographical map of Narva 1976, of scale 1:50 000 in a format JPG or PDF.

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