Up to now

Project's kick-off meeting took place on 22.-23. November 2002 in Narva. Two days of discussions gave all the partners a wider look into the subject.
As for the knowledge of needs was crucial in the first phase, most of the work had to be done in Narva. On December 5th a workshop took place to work out the requirements for survey, system user interface, process and database layer.
Several workshops with city planning experts took place in January 2003 to describe the needs of the system, specify more thoroughly the vision of the project and theoretical requirements for the system.
From December 29th 2002 to January 27th 2003 surveys were conducted in Narva to ascertain the requirements of local stakeholders and collect feedback of main requirements of the system.
On March 2nd & 3rd 2003 project partners met on the Technology Day, that took place in Greece. The technical issues were discussed and an exact action plan was compiled for next 6 months.
Nearest future

Main goals for next meeting at the end of September 2003 are:

software for intelligent agent
process and security layer, including DMM
User interface
Database engine

End of the project

is in September 2005.